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Web-Site Technical Support

March 27, 2013

site technical support

Nowadays a web-site is necessary tool for successful interaction with your clients. Knowing this, every successful businessman or a company strives to present a site with the most accurate and relevant information about the products and services it offers.

More often than not, web-site development is considered to be the most difficult, time and resources-consuming stage in this process. Without any doubt it is really so. However, there is one more important aspect we need to consider first. What if I say, that a site is similar to the clock mechanism. For sure you have heard the expression “run like clockwork”, haven’t you? But what in common it has with how the site works, you will ask. Well, just imagine that you site is a huge clock, every detail of which is indispensable part of a huge mechanism. And if from time to time do not make repair works, clock will simply stop. The same goes for a web-site: without constant support it may become useless and appear at the last pages of search results. And what for to have it then? That is why web-site development as it goes cannot stand as one and only condition for its successful implementation. Web-site technical support is a “must” for its day-to-day operation.

Site technical support includes:

  1. domain name registration;
  2. web hosting services;
  3. site maintenance, content writing and updates;
  4. bug-fixing and design.

Where to go?

You have launched your site but what to do next? Whom to entrust technical support? This question appears from the very beginning and, depending on what decision you’ll make, it can be you winning ticket or bring zero results. Let’s look though the most common variants of support services, consider all pros and cons and choose the most effective one.

Variant #1: entrust site technical support to one of your employees. It seems to be the right decision at first, except one big minus – low quality of the work done. What is the reason, whether a lack on time or lack of qualification no one can tell for sure but as the result, time, spent on site development, may come to nothing. Then you’ll need to ask a specialist for help, which will bring extra charges.

Variant #2: hire a new employee. Well, just count: workplace + salary + vocations and training costs quite uneconomical, isn’t it? Especially when there is no guaranty of the positive results.

Variant #3: let professionals do the work. This is the most suitable variant, since you give your site into hands of highly-qualified specialists, who, daily performing this work, will take care of your site. You only need to choose the right company, as site technical support, performed by a team of specialists is the basic principle of successful site functioning. Soft Industry company, due to the considerable working experience in the given sphere, offers site technical support services that include:

  • domain name registration– is the most important aspect of site technical support, which also includes DNS service connection and its timely update, so that users could get accesses to your site;
  • web hosting services presuppose hosting your site at the company’s server and its servicing;
  • site maintenance, content writing and updates. Constantly updated content shows that your site is working, moreover, increases its rating and places it higher in search results. Our company offers site maintenance services, as writing unique content (articles, posts, news) and search engine optimization;
  • bug-fixing and design ensures stable site functioning. It also includes bugs monitoring and fixing as well as improvements, concerning site functionality and design works (adding new categories, site themes).

With Soft Industry you will get stable working web-site, which will always be under the care of true specialists. To get more detailed information you are welcome to contact us at info@soft-industry.com

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