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Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

February 6, 2013

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

web-site developmentAttempts to make business successful and prosperous are natural for every starting entrepreneur. In order to reach your career objectives customers are highly needed, so one cannot do without attraction of new clients. Therefore, managers strive to develop their business on the Internet, foremost to create a website.

It is obvious that with the help of high-end professionally done website a man can state about his products / services and arouse customers’ interest to the company.

It won’t be a problem to find a specialist who is ready to create a website: site development services offer both huge IT companies and private individuals (called freelancers). The first attract clients with high quality services, the second with low-price services. Whom to trust with the website development?

Web development companies offer a full list of related services, while freelancers can offer only site development and nothing else as a rule. It is up to you to decide where to order a website: either at a company or at freelancer – in any case, a customer should know what exact services he is paying for.

Elaborate information on the following:

  • whether cost per domain name registration is included into the contract;
  • whether hosting is provided;
  • how much disk space can be allocated;
  • possibility to create e-mail addresses with the same domain name (and how many);
  • unique or ready-made template web-design;
  • whether number of pages is limited;
  • whether there is an administrator panel for web-site management.

As a rule, professional companies provide the full range of the services, and freelancers – only on rare occasions. Don’t worry if the company you are planning to entrust the work announces you that costs for domain name registration and hosting are not included into the general cost per website. The thing is that the website creators need to buy a domain name and hosting for you. Ordering hosting is necessary to know how much disk space does your website require. Do not forget to ask your hosting company about possibility of creation an e-mail addresses and their number with the same domain name (companies restrict number of email addresses).

There are some more points to know. You are to decide either to order a website on basis of template or website with the unique design. If you need an individual design — mention about it in the very beginning. Such a website demands more efforts to develop that is why the price for it is higher. If you have ordered a site on the basis of ready-made template, be ready while surfing the Internet to come across a web site which in its structure and design is very similar to yours. Their price is comparatively small, so a lot of people prefer to order it. Number of web pages on such web sites can be  also limited. In order to avoid misunderstandings, let developers know what kind of website you would like to have, and what it will serve for.

Think a bit who will curate your website: a dedicated employee, you or probably you will need specialist’s assistance. Some companies provide training in using website or provide website support as an additional service.

So this is the list of main points to discuss with a person who will develop your website. All the questions should be answered. That is why do not hesitate to ask anything that seems not clear for you — it is an integral part of any negotiations.

Clarifying questions from the developer’s side is also fundamental part of negotiations. In order to create a website which would satisfy all the requirements it is necessary to discuss all the details anyway. So try to express the information as much clear and detailed as possible. Examples are highly appreciated.

Inform developers about the following:

  • what kind of website would you like to get
  • whether you have got already content for the website (texts, images, company’s logo etc.)
  • how often the content at the site should be updated
  • whether SEO is required

This issues must be discussed before project starts. Let the developers know what is the function of the website (informative, trendy, trading etc.) and how should it look like (desirable colours, company’s logo, examples of websites you like). It is advisable to prepare a content (images, texts etc.) before the development process starts. Otherwise there is a risk to finish the project later then it was planed. You know, web pages that are under construction at the already running website do not look very attractively. You may entrust the content making work to a freelancer or to a web development company which offers full range of services. It is strongly recommended to optimize the content according to the search engine requirements in order to boost and hold website position. In case you plan to update content regularly – mention about it, conscientious developers will make practical intuitive admin panel.

Now then such are the main points to be negotiated with the contractor. No matter whether you hire a company or a freelancer to create your web-site, you need to realize clearly what services you are paying for and what they are for.