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Software Monetization Models Part II

January 30, 2013

Software Monetization Models Part II Software Monetization Models Part II

software monetizationFind out what monetization models can bring you income and which of them might be of the highest importance for you. Today we continue to speak about the ways of making money on a desktop application. In our previous article we have described only one monetization model. So, get ready, because there is far more valuable information for you.

Affiliate Programs

Developing the application it is worth to think over what relevant information and services you can offer to your potential customers. Ideas may appear while reviewing partnership proposals from different companies within the same niche. Sometimes it can happen vice versa — you get ideas about the application after viewing attractive affiliate program offers.

You may place information about your partners in the software, for example some banners, buttons etc. There are far more original ways to give a user the ability to try your partner’s services. It all depends on your creativity and imagination, as users activity will bring you additional income. But choose an advertisement method carefully. Remember, too much advertising annoys and irritates users.

The key to success of this type of advertising is an optimal combination of application functionality and affiliate programs subject. Let the advertising component become a logical addition to your software.

Popular applications sale

If the application is in demand and popular among users, there will always be a company or an investor ready to buy it. But make sure that the customer already has a business strategy and knows how to get profit from the software popularity. Try to estimate how much resources was spent on the development, how much you can get from the monetization and, what is more important, how quickly it will happen.

In any case, this is a good way to make money on a desktop application, as you will not always be able to implement a strategy similar to your customers ideas.


If none of the options mentioned above suite you, just try to allow users donate to the development of your applications. Direct request will have a more effective response and, maybe, will bring you a very good income. With this approach you won’t lose your customers and their respect.

In-text ads or contextual advertising

Before placing contextual advertising, like Google Adsense, one should carefully consider all pros and cons that this monetization model offers.

Customers do not like to explicit advertising, especially in the desktop applications. Users are more loyal to contextual advertising on the Web, but desktop computer associates with something personal. It is a comfortable place for work, when the in-text ads have the nature of invasion into personal space and break the boundaries of your comfort zone. That is why haunting and frank advertising in the application triggers a massive rejection of its use, especially if there are plenty of alternative software with similar functionality. Hence, starting an advertising campaign, think about the question: are you ready to lose your users?

Regardless the way that you choose, the most important thing is creativity and original ideas. The creative component in the promotion of your application will ensure your success and income. Therefore, we wish you inspiration and creative ideas in your work!