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SEO and Web-Development

January 16, 2013

SEO and Web-Development SEO and Web-Development

seo and web developmentToday it is an ordinary thing that nearly every company owns a website. And it isn’t just a question of brand image. Investments to web-site development can bring additional profit from advertising company’s services and products. There are different reasons why a company or a business owner wants to develop a web-site. Moreover, there are plenty of techniques and rules that influence web-development and search engine optimization is the most important one. Why is it so popular and what are the secretes read in our article.

Mostly, people decide to develop a web site because of:

  • new business prospects, oriented to demands of on-line consumer;
  • opportunity to attract more customers and expand a customer base;
  • building a strong brand image for the off-line business;

Due to the variety of tools and current state of web-development there are a lot of companies ready to solve your issue in the shortest time possible. Price range, list and quality of the offered services are different as well. Unique and up-to-date design, content management system security as well as the company’s reputation and trustworthiness influence and determine the final project value. Unfortunately, all factors mentioned above can not bring you the desirable success.

Quite often, a new website, even with the most stylish and elegant design, is in danger of being completely useless. Remember that your current and future clients (who are of the highest importance) are looking for useful information, quality services and an easy site navigation. Fill your site with interesting, relevant information and you will earn great credit of the visitors’ trust by demonstrating your competence and professionalism in the given sphere. Let your web-site content work on your company’s brand image.

But still, there is no guaranty that a web-site will help you to attract more clients. Virtual reality, as well as real world, follows its own rules of marketing. So, if do not keep up with them, traffic increase may turn into a long-lasting problem.

Users discover new sites through:

  • search engines like Google, Yandex etc.;
  • friends recommendations and acquaintances in social networks;
  • direct and indirect advertising on Web portals, which they visit and trust.

Therefore, when planning your web-site, do not forget about promotion. Requiring time and resources, it will help to attract new customers. And they are always welcome, aren’t they?

Content and website structure are very important for successful promotion. Search engines analyze texts at the each page of the site to detect the topic and a relevant niche. Pay attention to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO): meet SEO guidelines for the structure, text and graphic content. It all should be done during web-site development in order to:

  • save your time – when the site is ready, you do not need to wait for optimization work;
  • reduce costs for development and optimization – if the site was developed without SEO, additional technical improvements will be required in most cases;
  • analyze competitors offers in your niche – you can estimate the size and the approximate promotion cost.

Web-site development, search engine optimization and initial analysis of thematic niches are the main tasks that should be done in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the development while reducing time and costs.