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QA Department

Website usability

March 21, 2014

website usability

Would you like to make an easy order оn a new site? What about finding an article you have been looking for in a short time? Is the convenience of image gallery scrolling of great important for you? The response is likely to be “Yes”. Everyone wants to use time effectively. Therefore convenience, simplicity and logical completeness are important for any web resource.

Usability is responsible for all these characteristics. It’s a pleasure to interact with the site if it’s well-developed and usable. Even fashionable color gamut and styles of interfaces won’t help. Tastes differ. The point is that if a site is difficult to use, people leave it.

Website usability analysis is very important. To build an easy to use site, its usability should be taken into consideration in every stage of development. First of all, it is necessary to find out visitors needs (visitors, not customers). For another thing, it needs to think out possible user behavior in order to predict difficulties. The most crucial points where the visitor leaves the data or receives the result of any action (registration form, subscription, payment) should be simple and understandable. Thirdly, visual design should be limited and work according to the requirements. It can be checked with the help of usability testing that shows all the strengths and weaknesses of a product.

Based on the results of website usability testing you can:

  • approve or disapprove the decisions concerned with the interface;
  • set the desirable level of customer satisfaction from a product and check whether it meets the objective;
  • reveal the elements that aren’t involved or, on the contrary, the lacking ones.

The vital characteristics of website usability are:

  1. Effectiveness. It answers whether the interface meets customer needs. If the site is easy to navigate but doesn’t carry out its tasks, the user won’t be satisfied. The same with the site that works good but its interface design is too complicated.
  2. Easy to Learn. It shows how easily a user can perform basic tasks, being on the site for the first time.
  3. Efficiency. It is the speed a user can perform the same task after he got acquainted with the interface design.
  4. Easy to remember. It gives an assessment of how easy a user recovers the skills of working on a site after a certain period.
  5. Errors. It defines how many mistakes a user makes, how serious they are, is it easy to correct them.
  6. Satisfaction. It shows whether it is pleasant to use the interface or not.


Usability and easy website navigation are the keystone of success for your web resource. Sophisticated and complicated site just puzzle potential clients. Consider the site usability testing characteristics and be sure, your customer will be satisfied. Moreover he will recommend your service to others.