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Remote administration. Soft Industry experience

April 22, 2014

Remote technical support

What are the reasons of IT outsourcing partner switch? Maybe you are not satisfied with service quality, deadlines, pricing policy etc.

The change of IT support supplier is а time-consuming process. That’s why we want to share our experience.

The team of system administrators of Soft Industry specializes in remote server administration support. The range of customers is quite various. Both small rapidly growing companies and world-famous corporations with offices worldwide are among our clients. One day an outstanding European company applied to us. The game development for social networks was one of its directions.

Why Soft Industry was chosen?

The customer commanded services of one European IT company. Service quality caused dissatisfaction. And the IT provider failed to complete work on time. Prices left much to be desired as well. The company made a selection. As a consequence a team of Soft Industry system administrators was chosen. The customer makes no secret of the fact that to take a decision helped a positive reference of our long-term customer. Soft Industry is said to have reasonable prices according to requests, capability and needs of every client.

About the project

The company planned to launch a new project in the shortest time as possible. The main requirement was a simplicity of system horizontal scaling, high availability and high load (more than 1.5 mln unique users per day). After we conclude an agreement, we had to deal with 2 really huge servers: the server of database and the application server. When the primary load testing was carried out our system administrators set configurations and the necessary number of servers under the specified load. We decided to use ordinary servers, not ”monsters”.

There was such an architectural in the end: DNS (round-robin) was combined with fail-over IP for almost painless change/repair of servers. Front ends (nginx) were combined with application servers (PHP – FPM) within one physical server. According to the estimation made by our system administrators, we needed 5 servers.

Content synchronization, received from the user, between the web servers was dynamic. It was realized in such way that if the required file wasn’t found locally, its search was carried out on the other servers. In addition, when there was a low load of the entire system, a content was synchronized between servers. The servers cache the database servers requests by means of memcache as well.

It should be noted that the project was handed to us in the final stage and it was originally developed using MySQL. As a result we used a well-known load balancing scheme. In this case we used master-slave replication with several slave-servers and read operation from all slaves.

Collaboration results

We’ve built the system that serves easily to the required number of visitors (1.5 mln users per day). Moreover, Soft Industry develops a mobile application for further work on this platform. The customer uses services of system monitoring and support, modernization and system scaling. The company is satisfied with our work and collaboration results.