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affiliate program
Internet Marketing

Affiliate Program: how to get an income?

Quite often one can hear about the easy way of earning money on the Internet, no matter whether you have a web-site or not. Due to the rapid growth and expansion of information technologies, affiliate programs became a powerful tool for products promotion and very popular way of getting a considerable income

software testing and QA services
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Outsourcing Software Testing from Soft Industry

Order software testing from Soft Industry till the 1st September 2013 and get 20% discount! Soft Industry provides a wide range of high-quality IT services during more than 12 years. Active implementation of quality assurance techniques at each stage of software development helped successfully to present 100+ project of different complexity and in different spheres

site technical support

Web-Site Technical Support

Nowadays a web-site is necessary tool for successful interaction with your clients. Knowing this, every successful businessman or a company strives to present a site with the most accurate and relevant information about the products and services it offers

Kolobok: development diaries. Introduction Kolobok: development diaries. Introduction
Company news

Kolobok: development diaries. Introduction

Soft Industry’s development team decided to make a kind of experiment — to create a game for Windows 8. It is a new experience for us and with some issues, like OS, game development, physics and graphic for games, the team dealt for the first time. Thus, they’ve made a decision to tell our blog

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

Attempts to make business successful and prosperous are natural for every starting entrepreneur. In order to reach your career objectives customers are highly needed, so one cannot do without attraction of new clients. Therefore, managers strive to develop their business on the Internet, foremost to create a website

Software Monetization Models Part II Software Monetization Models Part II
Desktop Software

Software Monetization Models Part II

Find out what monetization models can bring you income and which of them might be of the highest importance for you. Today we continue to speak about the ways of making money on a desktop application. In our previous article we have described only one monetization model. So, get ready, because there is far more

Software Monetization Models Part I Software Monetization Models Part I
Desktop Software

Software Monetization Models Part I

Today every company strives for success. No matter whether it is large or small, the main task is to get an income. To try different approaches seems to be a good idea but it won’t work, if you target only a narrow market segment. In the modern world with the rapid growth of technologies development,

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