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Outsourcing Software Testing from Soft Industry

April 25, 2013

software testing and QA services

Order software testing from Soft Industry till the 1st September 2013 and get 20% discount!

Soft Industry provides a wide range of high-quality IT services during more than 12 years. Active implementation of quality assurance techniques at each stage of software development helped successfully to present 100+ project of different complexity and in different spheres. It enabled us to offer new service – outsourcing software testing and QA.

 “Software testing is an indispensable part of its development. To ensure software product competitiveness, it is necessary to implement QA techniques at each stage of its development, to check whether it complies with stated requirements and growing standards of the modern world. But the question is whom to entrust this task, as software testing requires considerable expenses and full time engagement of qualified specialist? The answer is to hire a dedicated team of testing engineers.” – says chief of the QA department.

Soft Industry, using individual approach to every customer and testing tools, suitable for various products, offers following types of software testing:

  • Functional Testing;
  • Usability Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Stress/Load Testing;
  • Configuration Testing;
  • Installation Testing;
  • Smoke Testing;
  • Regression Testing.

You are provided with full software testing documentation: test plan – outlines the strategy, resources that will be used to test an application, describes test environment, limitations and schedule of testing activities; test case – includes the set of steps and conditions necessary to perform testing tasks; bug reports – describe the situation or the sequence of actions that led to the errors in work of application, its causes and effect; testing summary report – gives an account of the whole software testing process and its results.

Our specialists prepare for you all necessary testing documentation, participate in the development process or perform independent testing of the software, developed by an outsourcing company, monitor the software quality during its development life-cycle, as well as rectify bugs, locate their root cause and possible consequences, evaluate the readiness of the project in general.

For more detailed information, please visit http://www.soft-industry.com/