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Internet Marketing Part II

December 17, 2013

internet marketing

Want to enhance your business prospects? Choose Internet Marketing. In previous article we have highlighted its benefits. Today we are going to speak about the most common services Internet Marketing includes.

  • Social media marketing (SMM). Almost every company has a profile or a page in social networks. SMM allows to promote your business, follow the competition and actively interact with your clients, join people by interests, effectively advertise and broadcast new releases, services and products. More information about social media promotion you can find in our article “Social Media for Business Promotion”.
  •  Contextual advertising. As we have already started to speak about ads, why not to run an advertising campaign in search engines? Done by a specialists, it is quite simple to prepare appealing ads. Every visitor is your potential customer here. Among the main advantages is the opportunity to control and adjust your monthly budget, exclude ads that has low conversion rate and add new ones, choose the particular audience you want to reach.
  • SEO audits and usability analysis define your web-site market opportunities and check, whether your site architecture is comfortable for visitors. All activities in this sphere are aimed to improve your web-site ratings and make it appear higher in search results, so it would be easier for clients to find it.
  • Promotion strategy development. Making the audit is not enough. Every optimization requires following well-planned strategy, in order not to miss a thing. Conduct competitors analysis, marketplace research and come up with the unique plan, corresponding to your particular business needs. It is a giant step towards the success of all promotion campaign.
  • Content marketing. Unique site content, press-releases, articles, posts in social media all these kinds of work are for your business success. Professionally written and presented information is the way to interact with the clients as well.
  •  SEO. Having a web-site is not enough. It should look well, provide relevant information, be easy to navigate as well as have good ranking position. Key-word research and on-site optimization are only the basic activities that result into greater improvements.
  • Online Publicity. A few negative feedbacks can damage reputation. In most cases, people are buying products or order some services following recommendations or comments, left by other customers. To build your online presence is not enough. It requires constant work on your image optimization.

In general, services may differ from company to company. But one thing to remember is working in different directions, you get more opportunities to promote your business.

Still hesitate? Order Internet Marketing from Soft Industry. In complex with all mentioned activities, qualified specialists offer individual approach and a full set of services from content writing to on-going promotion efficiency analysis, monthly status reports and multi-lingual campaigns.

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