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How to Сhoose an Outsourcing Partner?

June 12, 2013

outsourcing partner

When a business owner decides to hire an outsourcing company he, sooner or later, faces a question of how to find the right one. IT outsourcing offers numerous benefits. Hight-quality services, implementation of latest technologies, that can boost your business development and cost savings are weighty arguments. So, why it happens that a small question becomes a big problem?

In one of our previous posts “What is IT Outsourcing?”, we have described the most typical cooperation models and in brief highlighted the benefits of entrusting your business processes to a third party service provider. Today you have an opportunity to unveil another mystery – how to choose an outsourcing partner?

To begin with, the most important task here is thorough preparation. Making a decision, you first need to define clearly the end results of outsourcing engagement. What are you hoping to get from this cooperation? See our guidelines that will help you to choose an outsourcing partner:

  1. Make enquires. It is important to know not only the full range of services the company offers but its reputation in this sphere as well. Check for how long does the company exists, are there certified specialists, working in the company, look through the completed projects and study client’s feedbacks. Insist on speaking with reference customers. If possible, ask to learn their contact information, whether they are satisfied with the quality of service provided.
  2. Consider prices. Every business owner tries to find cost-saving methods for his business development. The word “outsourcing” itself implies the meaning “minimum cash expenses”. But be careful with companies, that offer too low prices. It can involve additional expenses and choosing services at less cost, in the long run, it may appear that you even overpay.
  3. Expertise and responsiveness. If you didn’t get the answer to your inquiry within 24 hours, appears a question, whether this company can earn your trust or not. Telephone conversation with the company’s manager can tell you a lot. Pay attention to his way of interacting, how precise and up-to-topic the answer is. Find out, if the company offers individual approach and is ready to talk over the details, fulfill and adjust your individual requirements.
  4. Contact the company for more detailed information and inquire about pricing.
  5. Control. To know what you are paying for you need to control the cooperation process and always be in touch with the situation. In this case, it is better to learn how you can contact the company: its telephone, email, skype, etc., what project tracking (myPM, Task, Job Organizer Deluxe, Easy Time Logs, Web time-sheet) and management tools, CRM does the outsourcer uses.
  6. Check the documentation. Trusted outsourcing company, which has nothing to fear, will provide all necessary documentation, professional certificates, so you could choose the specialists you would like to work with.
  7. Contract. It is very important aspect, so you should carefully study it and check, if everything is clear. There are should not be unknown terms for you. Remember, clear and transparent contract is your guarantee. Thus, along with the general terms and service description there should be a possibility to sign nondisclosure agreement (NDA). Besides, terms on which you could change service provider should be defined as well. But still, no matter how precise the contract is, better take a legal advice on this question.
  8. Try a pilot project. Seems that a price, services and recommendations speak for themselves and this outsourcing company meets all your requirements? Still it is better to try a pilot project or sign up a short-term contract. No matter how good this outsourcer is and what recommendations are given to you. Offered services may not correspond to the stated objectives in your particular case.

Note, outsourcing success includes not only searching for a service provider. This process is far from being an easy task itself. Hence, choosing an outsourcing company try to build partnership relations, especially if you expect this cooperation to become log-lasting and mutually profitable.