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Mobile Apps

Future of Mobile Apps Development

February 28, 2013

mobile development

It’s been a long time since the only way to get online was by means of your PC. Nowadays, if a person wants to access the Internet, he or she is more likely to use a mobile phone. We carry the Internet in our pockets. No matter where you are, sitting in a restaurant or driving home from work, if you need to get some information – your iPhone is always there. We live in the world of Androids and iPhones that offer limitless possibilities for easy communication, optimal information search and for variety of other tasks. But what is more important, it provides a solid ground for business development, as one can access necessary information on the go and respond to the customer’s issues in real-time.

Count how many apps are there on your smartphone? Quite a few, I suppose. As far as the popularity of mobile apps grows, it won’t be a mistake to say that in coming years the number of downloads will significantly grow as well. The future is all about mobile!

In recent years, mobile apps development became very popular and it is just the beginning.

What to expect?

1. Business Apps. As it was mentioned before, mobile apps made a great impact on how the business is done. Quick access, big data and analytics are the key features that determine their development in the next years.

2. Cloud Computing. Everyone is talking about cloud computing these days. Delivering hosted services over the Internet became widely used practice in the last few years and especially in the business sphere. Considering the tendency of the technology shift towards the mobile, there will be the growing demand for the cloud based application in the nearest future.

3. Multi Platform Applications. Sooner or later every developer faces the problem of how to attract clients. The thing is that there are lots of mobile apps of all types on offer and it’s really difficult to come into notice. The way out is to present something unique, engaging and with multiple useful features. Why not to create an application that can be run on any operation system? Customers wait for further improvements.

4. Shopping and Mobile Payments. Though mobile shopping is not a new sphere, where one can earn money selling different application to simplify buying-selling process, there is still place for improvements. Buyers prefer to pay for their purchases via mobile devises and, since some banks responding to the growing demand and offer mobile payment services, it is possible to assume further necessity in mobile based apps for this kind of payments.

5. HTML 5. Due to the fact that HTML 5 offers high functional level and can be used for both mobile and PC applications development, there will be a considerable shift towards this technology in the nearest future. Therefore, there is point in creating web-based apps, but do not forget about the native ones – they won’t disappear.

6. Social Networks. The popularity of social networks turned them into a powerful tool not only for communication but for business promotion as well. Almost every company uses social media to learn more about customers, their needs, to build brand image and bring products to the market. And it is only the beginning! Mobile solutions that could be used for the best advantage in this sphere are what your potential clients looking for.

So here is only a few basic features that determine the future of mobile applications development. There are still pretty much factors to think over and consider but one can be said for sure: we are on the hot stage of mobile applications growth, the area of advanced technologies and quick solutions.

Our company has wide experience in this sphere and offers services on mobile applications development, using various platforms, brands and technologies. In our work we follow the latest trends and innovations as well as clients’ wishes and requirements.

Don’t miss the chance to become a successful businessman or a happy user! We are waiting for you!