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Dedicated Team as a cooperation model

November 27, 2012

Dedicated Team as a cooperation model Dedicated Team as a cooperation model

Dedicated TeamNowadays more and more companies prefer to work with outsourcing partners, that provide Dedicated Team services and regularly use this cooperation model in their practice. But does it offer expected results? Why this business model is so popular and whether it is rally effective for both long-term and short-term projects?

Dedicated Team is intended to integrate required specialists into the project and build a professional team that will be under full customer’s control.

Customers require a dedicated team when:

  • there are no developers in company’s staff;
  • staff developers do not have enough time or experience for a project implementation;
  • a customer has no time to search and employ new developers, dealing with the all paperwork that follows/involved.

The wisest decision for start-up companies, which have a natural desire to enter the market rapidly is to hire a dedicated team. Only strong IT companies, who successfully implemented great amount of projects during their dynamical development and proved their competitiveness can offer high-quality services.

Why this cooperation model?

Dedicated team works directly under your command and control. It is up to a customer to define the team, number of specialists and their schedule. You get dedicated team to your full disposal for the defined period. Also, we provide a customer with all the necessary information and help to build a team, if necessary. Either a customer or a company’s experienced team leader can manage the team.

Dedicated team – is a skilled stuff, working exclusively for you, focused on the effective solution of long-term projects.

Advantages and disadvantages

Customers, who have already worked under this cooperation model, are satisfied with the results. Successful project implementation is determined by a number of advantages:

  • the team is involved in one single project – switching from one project to another is excluded;
  • ability to choose necessary specialists – fast and comfort process of inclusion / exclusion specialists into / out the project;
  • team-work experience – stable work and on-time product release;
  • regular status reports;
  • can include a team manager for efficient work-flow.

Before you decide to cooperate with a dedicated team, it is necessary to know about its disadvantages:

  • better to hire dedicated teams for long-term projects (for small projects consider another cooperation model, e.g. Fixed Price or Time and Materials)
  • remote cooperation (communication via Skype, phone, email)
  • possible time zones difference.

Why hiring specialists for a single project is unprofitable?

During crisis, while having temporary financial difficulties or in case if developers are needed for a single project, it is better to hire a team of professionals, than to create new workplaces, to form a staff, establish and maintain good working relationships with colleagues. Besides, forming a new team demands additional cash costs and can delay start of the project.

You have ideas and would like to hire a dedicated team for the immediate project implementation? We will help you:

  •     to form a team and choose specialists;
  •     to plan the project development;
  •     to organize effective project management;
  •     to change team staff during the development process.

Are you hesitating whether this cooperation model will be effective in your case? Contact us and we will help you to choose cooperation model, that will guarantee effective project implementation.

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