website usability
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Website usability

Would you like to make an easy order оn a new site? What about finding an article you have been looking for in a short time? Is the convenience of image gallery scrolling of great important for you?

site technical support

Web-Site Technical Support

Nowadays a web-site is necessary tool for successful interaction with your clients. Knowing this, every successful businessman or a company strives to present a site with the most accurate and relevant information about the products and services it offers

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

Attempts to make business successful and prosperous are natural for every starting entrepreneur. In order to reach your career objectives customers are highly needed, so one cannot do without attraction of new clients. Therefore, managers strive to develop their business on the Internet, foremost to create a website

SEO and Web-Development SEO and Web-Development

SEO and Web-Development

Today it is an ordinary thing that nearly every company owns a website. And it isn’t just a question of brand image. Investments to web-site development can bring additional profit from advertising company’s services and products. There are different reasons why a company or a business owner wants to develop a web-site. Moreover, there are

Dedicated Team as a cooperation model Dedicated Team as a cooperation model
Desktop Software

Dedicated Team as a cooperation model

Nowadays more and more companies prefer to work with outsourcing partners, that provide Dedicated Team services and regularly use this cooperation model in their practice. But does it offer expected results? Why this business model is so popular and whether it is rally effective for both long-term and short-term projects?