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Ousourcing Testing Problems. Our experience

Software testing as IT industry sector develops rapidly. Nowadays our company has a strong team of testers. And today we want to share our experience. There are different projects and customers. Once we had a project with a foreign client. The collaboration was quite tough. All the outsourcing problems we run into are described below

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Internet Marketing Part II

Want to enhance your business prospects? Choose Internet Marketing. In previous article we have highlighted its benefits. Today we are going to speak about the most common services Internet Marketing includes

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JMeter: databases load testing Part II

In previous article “JMeter: databases load testing Part I” we have already discussed JDBC Connection Configuration. Today we will focus on the following issues: why do we need Connection Validation by Pool and Database Connection Configuration sections and provide steps on how to configure JMeter’s JDBC Request element

database load testing
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JMeter: databases load testing Part I

We present series of articles form QA specialists of Soft Industry Software Testing department “JMeter: databases load testing”. Find out what is JMeter, how to configure it and why should it be used when performing a database stress testing

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Outsourcing Software Testing from Soft Industry

Order software testing from Soft Industry till the 1st September 2013 and get 20% discount! Soft Industry provides a wide range of high-quality IT services during more than 12 years. Active implementation of quality assurance techniques at each stage of software development helped successfully to present 100+ project of different complexity and in different spheres

Kolobok: development diaries. Introduction Kolobok: development diaries. Introduction
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Kolobok: development diaries. Introduction

Soft Industry’s development team decided to make a kind of experiment — to create a game for Windows 8. It is a new experience for us and with some issues, like OS, game development, physics and graphic for games, the team dealt for the first time. Thus, they’ve made a decision to tell our blog