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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Part I

Over the last years Internet Marketing became an indispensable part of successful business development. Nowadays, it is a powerful tool that allows to reach your target audience and to build brand awareness. For finding some products or services, people are more likely to use Internet than to take yellow pages. Internet is an endless source

outsourcing risks

IT outsourcing: to be or not to be?

A variety of third party service providers, that differ in size and specialization bring a question of IT outsourcing risks to be the most urgent one. Moreover, when numerous companies hire multiple external service providers, in any case, they need to be aware of what to expect. So, what are the risks of IT outsourcing

databases testing
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JMeter: databases load testing Part II

In previous article “JMeter: databases load testing Part I” we have already discussed JDBC Connection Configuration. Today we will focus on the following issues: why do we need Connection Validation by Pool and Database Connection Configuration sections and provide steps on how to configure JMeter’s JDBC Request element

database load testing
Company news

JMeter: databases load testing Part I

We present series of articles form QA specialists of Soft Industry Software Testing department “JMeter: databases load testing”. Find out what is JMeter, how to configure it and why should it be used when performing a database stress testing

outsourcing partner

How to Сhoose an Outsourcing Partner?

When a business owner decides to hire an outsourcing company he, sooner or later, faces a question of how to find the right one. IT outsourcing offers numerous benefits. Hight-quality services, implementation of latest technologies, that can boost your business development and cost savings are weighty arguments

site technical support

Web-Site Technical Support

Nowadays a web-site is necessary tool for successful interaction with your clients. Knowing this, every successful businessman or a company strives to present a site with the most accurate and relevant information about the products and services it offers

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

Tips to Know Before Ordering a Website

Attempts to make business successful and prosperous are natural for every starting entrepreneur. In order to reach your career objectives customers are highly needed, so one cannot do without attraction of new clients. Therefore, managers strive to develop their business on the Internet, foremost to create a website

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