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Internet Marketing

Affiliate Program: how to get an income?

May 15, 2013

affiliate program

Quite often one can hear about the easy way of earning money on the Internet, no matter whether you have a web-site or not. Due to the rapid growth and expansion of information technologies, affiliate programs became a powerful tool for products promotion and very popular way of getting a considerable income.

Simply put, affiliate programis a form of cooperation between a user and a service or product provider. The aim of this partnership is to attract customers, the more the better. After signing up to affiliate program, you get access to your own account with all necessary promo-materials: banners, partner links etc., which you are free to place at your own website or any other resource on the World Web. Your income depends on how many people follow your link and perform desired action: registered at the affiliate site, bought the product or filled in a contact form.

There is plenty of rules, which determine on what terms you can become a partner. Though, having your own web-site is not obligatory, still it can considerably help you and increase earnings. Follow given guidelines to make sure that your site:

  • keeps with the law;
  • has high-traffic;
  • fits the theme of the affiliate program.

But what about those, who do not have a web-site but still want to participate in a partner program? What to do? If possible, you can place promo-materials at blogs, forums, social media, etc. The main rule here is no spam! Because instead of earning money, your account will be blocked or even deleted.

Along with the variety of partner programs, there is one simple question that still remains: which one to choose? It is quite difficult to give the precise answer. Use makes mastery but lets have a look what do they offer:

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC) – is a method of advertising, when you get paid for each click on your ad. To measure the number of clicks CTR (clickthrough rate) is used, showing how many people who see your ad clicked on it.
  2. Pay-per-performance (PPC) – is an affiliate program, where income depends whether a user that followed your link, performed a desired action or not. It can be a purchase or a lead. Hence, two more types of affiliate programs appear – Pay-per-lead and Pay-per-sale.
  3. Pay-per-lead (PPL) – an advertiser pays you a commission each time the user, refereed to his web-site, performs desired action: registers for newsletters, creates an account or fills in a contact form.
  4. Pay-per-sale (PPS) — you get a commission for each sale you generate. Participating in this type of partner program, you can gain an income during a few years or even months. One more advantage of it is that you can get paid for sales, referred by other affiliates, who joined this program following your recommendations.

Follow the updates to learn how to choose really good affiliate program. The list of useful tips is waiting for you in the next article “Affiliate program: how to choose the right one?”.