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Mobile application as a company's business card
Mobile Apps

Mobile application as a company’s business card

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. From the very beginning of the mobile era, such devices are used to provide a widespread access to the Internet. Wherever you will go, on the road, street or in cafe, it is now possible to view web-content

Software testing types
QA Department

Software testing types you should know about

Testing is a vital part of a development process as it aims to assure the software quality by its research. The purpose of testing is to determine that the software meets customer’s and developers’ requirements and to prove that it performs correct behavior as advertised

website usability
QA Department

Website usability

Would you like to make an easy order оn a new site? What about finding an article you have been looking for in a short time? Is the convenience of image gallery scrolling of great important for you?

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